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MaudLokko Breast Cancer Foundation

The Good News

Almost two-thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer today now survive their disease beyound 20 years and you help contribute to this incredible progress
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Nearly one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Although breast cancer is most common in women over 40, it can affect anyone at any age. At MaudLokko Breast Cancer foundation, we know that the fight against breast cancer is never easy, taking a toll on family, friends, and loved ones.
Maud Lokko Breast Cancer Foundation

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education, access, and financial assistance to aid in the early detection, treatment, and survival of breast cancer for underserved and uninsured individuals regardless of age, race, or gender.

Our Founder

Mrs Susan Tsotsoo Malik.
Founder, MaudLokko Breast Cancer Foundation
Stage three breast cancer survivor for 3yrs

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